How life has changed, I went to return something that I bought from a popular DIY and Trade Supplies store, store name speaks of ‘Fixing Screws’. Anyway, I was there at the ordering point and said to the lady that I would like to return this item, she looks at the item and asked the question: Have you got the receipt? I opened my wallet and looked and yes there was a receipt, I handed it over and then noticed that it was a different receipt and I realised how my life has changed.

Pre-marriage, pre-house, pre-kids my receipts in my wallet would be for personal items; clothes, CDs, etc. now I’m buying, miscellaneous tools and materials for another DIY project in the house.

I do own a lot of tools, I think my Mum and Dad bought me a tool box for Christmas, circa. age 11, for when I moved out – think they were trying to tell me something. But there are tools that I don’t own, which I would like to have in my repertoire for future DIY Projects.

1. Mitre Saw – An electric Mitre Saw would allow for extremely precise and straight cutting of wood for when I’m building things – there is a long-term challenge that Kiri has set and I feel that this will be very helpful indeed if I had one of these.

2. Electric Plainer – I have a hand plainer at the moment but it’s not the best, normally slight adjustments mean I have to take a little saw to it (with very little margin for error)

3. Electric Drill Stand – I’ve got quite a straight and firm hold for sawing and drilling but a stand for the drill would make drilling numerous holes a lot quicker.

These items would make life a lot easier when undertaking a DIY extravaganza – I will have to start saving up my pennies.


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