Welcome to the first post and my blog in general. The idea for this blog was for a couple of reasons; I quite like the idea of blogging, the designing of a website etc. is very appealing to me, and I wanted something that captured my DIY projects, thoughts and ‘creativity’ all in one place, as each social media outlet offer different things.

Confession Time: I know it’s early on in my blogging journey to confess but here goes. Why have I got a blog? When I posted on social media a few weeks ago that I was building myself a website, I was originally going to add my blog into my wife’s Blog: wonderfully random. as I wanted to be ‘in on the action’ but the internet went wild for it… (OK maybe a slight over exaggeration) so I searched and racked my brains for a domain name that would capture the essence of my website and so was born… probably the most descriptive domain name in the world!

Over the next few posts I will be telling sarcastic stories, as I’m told I’m very sarcastic and sharing ‘Man Stuff’ – well, as manly as it can be, by a man who straightens his hair! (more confessions) … men straightening their hair is more common now then when I first started straightening mine many years ago. Maybe I am a Revolutionary Trend Setter! However I highly doubt that if you saw my conservative fashion sense and also I am a man who is 29 but has been a grumpy 60 year old from about the age of 14.

But please join me on my journey of learning how to blog in an interesting way and I hope you enjoy my posts.



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  1. Kiri 19 April 2016

    I love your blog and I love you! Perfect first post to your blogging journey x x

  2. games to play at home 25 April 2016

    Very energetic post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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