The Impact of Double Fatherhood

So double fatherhood has happened. The end of September Judah James graced us with his presence via C Section. Kiri has written her birth story which if you want the detail go there.

Being second time parents we felt we were much more prepared for another child. We had the hospital bag ready, the house ready as much as possible… new born clothes washed etc, I had even saved pound coins for the parking at the hospital as last time I got a parking ticket, which wasn’t the best welcome to parenthood – £25 fine.

Kiri’s sister and her husband offered to take Nathanael for the couple of days which we knew we were going to be in hospital, which Kiri and I were and are so so so grateful for. Having so little family there for us it was a weight off our mind that we knew Nathanael would be having a great time.

The morning came when we needed to go to the hospital and we were there early and ready to go, however the consultant and anesthetist were arguing (probably a bit much) about who was going first… fortunately / unfortunately for us I have Malignant Hyperthermia which means in short I am allergic to certain ingredients in anaesthetic which when you’re in an operating theatre, it could be quite interesting – anyway the eneathetist won the argument and Kiri was set to go first, originally we were told she was going second. 

Everything went well. I was sat there like some sort of medical marvel talking about MH as some of the doctors have never actually seen it – it’s fairly rare or the knowledge of it is rare.

The one Oh my gosh moment was when they got the baby out as it were, the midwife said “he’s a small baby”. Kiri and looked at each other in shock as throughout the pregnancy we were told he would weigh something around 8lb 5oz and he came out at 6lb 6oz, however we can’t really complain he was fine just a little on the small size.

Once back on the ward it was a room of 3 women and after a few hours it was visiting time. Nathanael’s Auntie and Uncle brought him to see his new baby brother, and of course, in parenting, the new baby buys their older brother (or sister) a toy… and we – I mean Judah – bought Nathanael some Paw Patrol trucks: Chase, Ryder and Zooma. If you don’t know what Paw Patrol is you can consider yourself very lucky. Anyway after getting over the initial excitement of CHASE. RYDER. ZUMA. came Nathanael ‘brumming’ them around the bed. However after a few ‘brums’ it started to spiral out of control; the trucks started to go further and further in this tiny ward separated by curtains when one extremely fast push saw Chase go under the bed Kiri was on, under the curtain and under the bed next door while the doctor was with another couple. Then Nathanael goes, “I find him”, “I get Chase” — I was like “No” and had to do the walk and ask of shame to get Chase back.

Here’s to Double Fatherhood! Drooly Shoulder Gaurenteed!




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