In The Shadow of Advent

Christmas time. A time of year that used to start the beginning of December, but in some shops starts mid August when they bring out the wrapping paper, etc. But now with Halloween taking the UK by storm Christmas “starts” after halloween — approximately.

As a Christian, the season of Advent is an important marker in the Calendar, where we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The word ‘Advent’ is apparently (after a quick Google) taken from the Latin word adventus, meaning ‘coming’. As Jesus has already come to earth and Christmas is the annual celebration of this, it is only in Advents shadow that the significance of Christmas can be truly seen.

He is the visible image of the invisible God. – Colossians 1:15.

This snippet of Colossians 1:15 depicts it perfectly, Jesus came to be the visible representation of God to mankind, coming as a baby.

Becoming a father for a second time recently (September) the magnitude of this is absolutely huge; God allowed his Son to come to earth, not as a man with an army – not that that couldn’t have been done – but as a baby, a helpless child who was completely reliant on his parents for everything. Someone who went through the same life ups and downs as the rest of us – but for one main purpose, to take our sin. Jesus ‘coming’ is a reminder that God is not distance. He is into relationship, He is into conversation, He not only wants to be involved in your life, but wants to transform it. Jesus came as the gift to earth from God which we can receive.

Christians speak of the power of Easter and the importance of Easter, which is true. But the significance of Advent, the coming of Jesus can not be overlooked for tinsel and fairly lights. Without the gift of Jesus coming there would be no Easter and no salvation.

Enjoy Advent and have a great Christmas season.




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