2016 is done and dusted – my word where has the year gone. I’m looking forward into 2017 and look at everything that needs to be done. This post is part of a mini series (probably a bit much) where I plan out goals and things I’d like to get done this year. You can also see my list of DIY projects for 2017.

This list is for books I’d like to read this year. I think I’ve said before that I’m not an avid reader – if you want an avid reader blog, head to Kiri reads lots of books – VERY QUICKLY – It puts me off reading books as she’s so quick (poor excuse I know) I remember one time when we were dating or newly married that there was a book that we were going to read together – separately, but together… not like some weird couples story time… that would be odd. Anyway Kiri was always waiting for me to catch up as I’m a slow reader. Kiri on the other hand can consume a book in an evening… what’s worse now is that books are purchases on our tablet and they have statistics that go with your reading for things such as; What percentage of book you’ve read, what the average speed to read the book is, etc. Kiri is always way ahead of the ‘average’ (show off) and it pains me to think how far behind the ‘average’ I would be.

Anyway I challenge myself every year to read 2-3 books in that year. Sometimes I┬ácomplete┬áthis momentous task, others years, not so much. 2016 has been a year of, not so much. Maybe due to having another baby and the prep for that and a number of DIY projects on the go. Oh and a toddler who thinks I’m some sort of Jester, I occasionally name myself ‘Jester Daddy’ as “Daddy do it” is said probably 1,000 times a day.

Anyway my challenge of 3 books for this year is:

1. Multiply – Francis Chan (I actually started this book last year but haven’t finished it yet)

2. Easily Distracted – Steve Coogan (Kiri bought me this for my birthday and I still haven’t started it)

3. Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes – Kenneth E Bailey (One of Kiri’s favourite books on the cultural significance of the time Jesus lived in)

That’s my list; lets check back in a years time and see if I achieve this…


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