Preparing for Double Fatherhood

Double Fatherhood, well that’s what I’m calling it – you may require some context. My wife and I are about to have our second child. You get a lot of ‘advice’ when you’re about to have another baby and they vary from both ends of the spectrum. From “It’s already crazy with 1 so it’s not that much harder with 2” to “it’s probably 4 times as hard with 2” to “your life is over”.

As I am ever the optimist!!? errr… As Toby Ziegler said on ‘The West Wing’ (what a show) “Happiness is my default position”. He was so sarcastic in the show – I relate to that quite well.

Any way back to my context for double fatherhood. I’m going to predict that having 2 children will be somewhere in-between all of the above advice. It will be a big change for the Smith camp and Kiri and I are trying to be as prepared as possible. DIY projects will be paused for a good 3 months, so I have (sort of) been given free rein to get as many completed as possible now.  Kiri has been working hard to get the meals planned in, as when Nathanael was first-born, eating meals went out the window so with 2 we know that’s going to be even more difficult.

As I prepare for double fatherhood here are a few optimistic guidelines I’m going to give myself:

1. An increase in grey hair and wrinkles – well I’ve got to blame something…

2. No time to myself for the next 18 years – maybe a slight over exaggeration

3. A chorus of “Daddy do it!” – one of Nathanael’s current favourite phrases which I’m sure my unborn child will come out saying.

4. “Daddy! Look! I did a wee wee” “Daddy! Look! baby did a wee wee!” Another phrase repeated at high volume at the moment.

5. Protecting my extremities from being attacked from all angles only this time their will be two attacking me and I only have one pair of hands.

Joking aside, I am looking forward to the challenge of 2. Kiri and I always knew when we had children it would be up to us and us alone to do the bringing up as family options are very limited, so the count down is on and I ask myself – how hard can it be!!






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