Ever since my early days of web/graphic design I have used Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Fireworks; I used Note Pad+ and Paint Shop Pro for a little before that.

**Disclaimer – other coding and design software is available and I’m sure these aren’t the best, but I like the functionality.**

I always heard from friends and people I know, who use Photoshop and say it’s SPLENDID, or some other adjective to describe it. I was always a Fireworks user, I thought it was simple but effective, which when it comes to occasional graphic design it hit the spot.

However, over the last year the things I have done require me to use Photoshop and fathom the wonders of what it can do. To my amazement, two programs (Fireworks and Photoshop) made by the same firm are very very different. Don’t get me wrong they do have many of the same features but they are not really in the same place.

I’m now starting to get the hang of it and I am using a lot more complex functions to create cool graphics etc. – well cool on my scale and knowledge but probably not on someone else’s.

Let me know which one you use in the comments below; maybe I should do a Twitter Poll or something – we are in an interactive day and age after all.




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