Back at the beginning of the year I made a list of DIY projects for 2017 and this was one of Kiri’s top priorities for this year. I had started painting the door and door frame mid 2014 after the pantry being built earlier that year; but to my shame, I never finished it. In all honesty other projects came up that kept putting this one back. Plus, emptying the pantry for a few days gave Kiri and I anxiety about where to store it all with a toddler and a baby around.

The time however had now come for it to be decorated. I had a week off work recently and in true Smith fashion we always try to cram as much as possible into the week, which is normally fine, however the boys were sick for most of it and when you’ve already made the plunge into doing the project you have to complete it!!! Needless to say there were a few stressful moments mixed in.

Anyway on with how we kitted out the pantry and decorated it. Prior to it being built it used to just be kitchen worktop with a double cupboard above and the tumble dryer below, when we had the stud wall built – it wasn’t done by me – I was not allowed, we relocated the drier to the other side of the utility room so the washer and drier are now next to each other.

The shelve units used are Twin Slot Uprights and Brackets, the shelves are made of MDF 1.5cm thick. The shelves are 40cm deep. I had some left over paint that is the kitchen/bathroom paint, grease proof and wipe-able etc., in Almond White. As you can see from the before and after the light colour really made a difference as the utility room can be quite dark due to its position in the house.

We made a start at the beginning of the year buying uniform baskets for the pantry and there are still a few more to get, but as I said in my DIY projects update, the ones we’ve bought weren’t cheap.

Kiri is very happy with it now, which is great and I have an over the door spice rack to finish which has been made but was in testing mode, now the pantry is decorated I can get on and finish this. Kiri would also like a custom-built jar stand that will fit the space better than the current bought one so watch this space for two further posts on those.


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