As part of the Pantry Decoration mini series – probably a bit strong to call it that. At the start of the year I had a DIY Projects list for 2017, which had on it to finish off the pantry as it had been left undecorated since it was built about 2 years ago – sorry Kiri.

The pantry has now been decorated so is one of the projects off the list, however, earlier in the year the annoying spice container came into question. With Slimming World being the way to eat in our house, spices are an essential part of the cooking process and there are many, many different spices to use. Kiri suggested an over the door spice rack, so I measured up, but the space wasn’t big enough to just buy one. So in ‘typical Luke fashion’ I declared that I could make something. This was met with great expectancy – so I guess that meant OK.

This is how it was made:

First, I measured and drew up plans for how it could store 30+ spices of varying sizes… another annoying thing, why don’t they all come in the same packaging.

I used wood and dowel to make the frame (70cm) and shelves (50cm). This would allow for 4 shelves to store spice jars of varying sizes and would give plenty of space to lift them out. The L Shaped brackets used sat on top of the door, meaning it would look like a normal door from the outside with no ‘over the door hook visible’ and the spice rack would be completely concealed. With it being a panel door I also wanted the rack to fit in line with the panels.

Once all the pieces were cut, I put them all together for a dry run – to make sure I hadn’t made any mistakes when cutting, and to get Kiri’s approval. Then it was the usual fill the holes and sand everything down for a smooth finish.

I opted to spray paint it white for a smooth matt finish so the metal brackets could also be painted for a full overall white look.


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