How I Organised The Garage

The Garage; the part of the house where you can place things, close the door and forget about it… or that’s what it’s like in our Garage – until now. We moved into our house with a 6 week old baby, 5 days before Christmas so you can imagine the amount of stuff that was ‘placed’ in the garage for safe keeping until we were ready to sort it out, but with any new house there is always the additional furniture that is needed.

So here was the garage prior to me starting to organise it, it has weathered some of my DIY Projects, room renovations and clear outs over the past couple of years, plus some of Nathanael’s baby stuff which will now be Mini Smith 2’s baby stuff.


So the plan was to create a space for the car at one side and have a DIY work shop and storage area at the other, I used some of the old furniture that was no longer needed to create a little DIY area for all my future projects and somewhere to organise my tools… who doesn’t love a good power tool!

A quick story to tell you – I learnt how to do DIY from my Dad, or rather, I learnt how not to do DIY. I was 14 and my Dad and I were building a wardrobe in the spare room. The story’s centre ‘prop’ was The Electric Plainer! My Dad was plaining a piece of wood that wouldn’t quite fit where it needed to go. He kept saying: “Luke. Before you pick up the Plainer always pull the plug out and use the handle.” Well there was ‘an incident’ where my Dad didn’t listen to his own advice and picked up the plainer without first pulling the plug out and didn’t pick it up by the handle… needless to say, my Dad spent the next few hours in A&E, bloody lesson learnt there.

I digress.

This is what the Garage looks like now, post clean up.


The garage is now in 4 sections. The space for the car, my DIY area, an additional house storage / utility area and then general storage. I used the left over attic floor boards (from when I did that last year) for the shelves with some other wood that I had collected over the last year or two from other pieces of redundant furniture. I used a white bracket system that you can buy from any home improvement store fairly cheap so this project was pretty much cost neutral.

If your garage was something like my before picture, I hope this post inspires you with your garage organisation.





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