Life watching, or people watching, it’s a little creepy, however I think most of us at some stage would say they have ‘people watched’ – just me… oh!

I don’t get as much time to people watch now-a-days, not that I would purposely go out and do it, I really am starting to sound creepy. With a toddler I spend most of my time watching where he is, especially when out and about and he rushes off or suddenly stops to check out something super interesting like a snail on the pavement. I’m surprised I haven’t actually walked into other people or walls or something as I’m looking where he is.

However, there is a certain amount of ‘fun’ to be had in life watching. When I was a teenager, my friend and I used to go to Meadowhall Shopping Centre. This was a time before every child had a smart phone (Nokia’s were King in those days) – but we both didn’t have a phone. We would go with some other friends or parents and would ultimately split up and shop separately. My friend and I would go around together looking in shops that we would never buy anything in, we were both slightly addicted to the Gadget Shops with lava lamps, water bubble lamps (can’t remember their official name) and those rectangular spike shape things… (bear with me while I search what the heck they are called…) Google doesn’t know – Pin Impression Kits? I’m going with that – Disclaimer: Other search engines available – But anyway, I digress. These were some of the things we would actually buy from the gadget shop.

After a while of walking around the malls we would inevitably get bored and find an appropriate bench to sit at. One particular time after we’d sat down we noticed a Smartie in the middle of the walk way right in front of us. Once we’d clocked it, we then watched the unsuspecting participants walking passed to see if they would kick it or stand on it. We must have looked like right idiots, “ooow-ing” and “ahh-ing” every time there was a near mess. Needless to say we didn’t have girlfriends at the time. No idea why. Life is much busier now and I’m probably one of the people who is watched rather than a watcher…




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