Happy Birthday Kiri

Today is a big birthday for my wife (21, obviously) and through the powers of the internet I thought it would be nice to share how much on this special day and always (maybe not always, always – depends if we’re having “a discussion”). I wanted to tell her how much I love and appreciate her and the things she does for our family and in true Luke style, I’ve made a list.

1. Sarcasm, Humour and Honesty:
Probably strange that I put honesty with the other two but Kiri, your sarcasm and humour come out of your honesty, being true to yourself and expecting honesty from others. I always know where I stand (and where to stand).

2. Kindness, Loyalty and Discernment:
Three big ticks for me and our marriage. You protect and stand up for your opinions and the safety of those you care about. I could not ask for a better protector of our boys. They are the priority, their well being and growth (especially Judah’s at the moment) is so top of your agenda I couldn’t ask for anything more (I probably could – but I’m not sure I could).

3. Home Maker, Co-Dreamer, Decision Sign-off-er-er:
Thank you for your commitment to the boring things… chief budgeteer and meal planner, if it was left to me it might be ‘steamer chicken’ or ‘gammon steak surprise’ (oh the fun of the first meals I cooked for you when you visited me at uni, luckily I have progressed since then). Thank you for the long nights of talking and dreaming for the future – future projects, aspirations, goals and ideals – I couldn’t ask for a better co-dreamer to sit there late into the night and discuss what we can achieve. Lastly, thank you for signing off all my crazy DIY extravaganzas that would probably be much easier to buy from a shop.

Happy Birthday my Love!




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