How I Built a Guitar Case Rack

Kiri sometimes says I’m slightly obsessed with DIY as my answer to most problems is “I’ll build something” – I would admit to knowing my limits but I do like to try and do new things to see how hard they actually are, sometimes, very.

My latest project was to build a guitar stand that is safer for Nathanael (and his nosey little fingers) and of course SAFER FOR MY GUITARS!


This is what I had before, an online purchased generic guitar stand that holds up to 5 guitars. I have 4; maybe I need to buy another to complete the stand, however I did have 6 at one point to which Kiri said: “you can only play one at once” and to my horror, she was right!

This is what I came up with.

guitar-case-rack-afterInstead of my guitar being out they will now stand secure in their cases (away from little fingers) and I have the additional storage for guitar pedal underneath.

This has also made extra space in other areas of the house where I had kept my cases – this space has now been commandeered by Kiri as space for shoes and other miscellaneous female things that men have no idea about.

It still needs to be painted but fatherhood calls…





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