This is the story of our front garden from back in December 2013 when we bought the house until now. Our front garden is only small and had a lot of bushes and shrubs around the bay windows and border. The ones around the windows had gone ‘a little’ wide due to their lack of attention from the previous owners and I was fighting a losing battle to try to get them into some sort of aesthetically pleasing shape. I would look out at the gardens opposite with envy.

So last spring I decided to take extreme measures. One set of bushes were really bad for Kiri’s hay fever so I started hacking at those first – I originally thought there was just 2 bushes that set her hay fever off, but after hacking for about an hour or so it came clear that there were far more than originally thought – 6. Overall there were over 20 bushes that I had to cut out in a 3 by 1 metre radius – a bit much.

This was the garden when we moved in, it did get slightly worse than this before starting (but I forgot to take an official ‘before’ photo).

With the big shrubs taken out, what I planted instead were much smaller shrubs that would make the front garden feel bigger and try to limit the amount of snails, slugs and rubbish that collected in the big bushes.

I also dug up all the grass and laid new grass seed – while I was digging up the grass I found an inspection chamber for the water hidden under the grass (not sure that was meant to be like that). I also moved some bushes from the side of house to the front to finish off the original border that was only on one side of the garden. This is what Nathanael is watering just before Judah was born last September.

That was the progress made last summer. It is now time to start phase 2 – which is basically carry on from where I left off.

This is how it looks currently.

The bushes I transplanted from the other side of house have taken well and are ‘leafing’ – my gardeners knowledge is showing here, but they are budding and growing so they have recently been pruned to help them grow. The grass seed sown last September has grown reasonable well, but there are some patches, but I bought plenty of seed so intend to sow some more this September.

That will mean that this side of the front is finish and will fall into the general maintenance category. The other side of the garden needs some of the old grass removing in order to lay new seed.

I will keep you updated with my progress. Hopefully it will be the finished front garden on the next update.








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