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So 2016 has come to an end and it’s time to sort out a list of DIY Projects to do in 2017. 2016 was a year of quite a few projects, however having baby #2 limited the time I could commit to ‘major’ projects over the latter part of the year. Even though I was not able to do any I’ve had a few things in mind that need doing – some of them are alterations to completed projects as I try and make the best of all the space in the house plus realise that my toddler – and in a year or so other toddler will be walking and for example my bay window desk has a corner on it which Nate loves walking in to. Other projects have been discussed with Kiri as we set out to make further changes to the home to make it ‘ours’ from the previous owners. So here is a list of few projects that are on the To Do List for 2017.

1. Finish the front garden – I started the front garden around May time in 2016 as the front garden shrubs were over grown and attempts were made to reign them in were futile and a couple of the shrubs were sending Kiri’s hay fever off the charts meaning that windows weren’t opened etc. so they were removed this year and alas – windows have been opened – much to my delight. Half of the garden had a shrub edging and the other side didn’t so I moved some of the shrubs from one side to the other to make a finished edge. The one thing that didn’t get finished was digging out all the old grass and weeds and laying new seed – that will be a job for Spring 2017.

2. Lounge Decoration – we had a new carpet in our lounge and dining room in the summer, but the previous owners had a dark red feature wall (if you read my wife blog you will see some of the horrendous colours our previous owners liked). The red feature wall looks great at Christmas time, very festive, however makes the room very dark. So the idea is to bring it in line with many other rooms in our house and paint the feature wall ‘Chic Shadow’ grey in other words. I can see this taking quite a few coats of paint.

3. Office transformation (Take 2) – I built a bay window desk which is great but as a mentioned above, Nathanael loves to come in and cracking his head on the corner so I plan to round these off in line with the window ledge – everyone will be happy. Also Kiri doesn’t know this yet, I don’t think, but I built a Guitar Case Rack this year also which was a project that didn’t quite get finished in time before baby #2 arrived and as its sat there, very functional, at the latter end of this year, I feel I could make some improvements to it as I finish it off next year. It may be moved to the other side of the room as well to free up some space so may need to ‘tinker’ with the current office storage unit that’s there to fit it all in — I’ll keep you posted, and if Kiri lets me…

4. When we had our Kitchen modified, well the utility room really, we put in a floor to ceiling pantry (American style so I’ve been told) the door needed painting, which one side did get painted when I decorated the room however I never did a second coat or the inside and to my shame it’s been like that for over 18 months… That was on the list for 2016 but didn’t get done before baby #2 arrived so will be a job for 2017 – I promise, Kiri!

5. Our back patio slabs are a light colour and I fixed some edging around one section of the garden this year but that left some of the patio that was previously covered by this edging now uncovered and showed now discoloured our patio is. So a job for next year is to make the patio sparkly.

6. Garage Organisation Part 2 – in Part 1 of organisation it was basically clear the garage that had become a dumping ground and make some functional spaces. One thing I mentioned in Part 1 was that I had made a space for tools and a little workshop, however my tools are still all chucked in boxes and drawers in this area and it needs a proper sort out, clear up and specific hanging for some tools so hopefully I will have time for this next year.

There are some others that Kiri and I have discussed for 2017. A sandpit, a chalk board. Lots of outdoor children activities. I’m sure there will be other jobs over the year that will be added / take the place in the pecking order of these. So ‘stay tuned’ for the blog posts about these next year.





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