DIY Projects 2017 – An Update

At the end of 2016, I drew up a DIY To Do List for 2017, than February hit and these plans slightly changed, so I thought I’d update you on the progress made so far and where the changes to the list have been made.

1. Finish the front garden – this is still in hand (an update post on this is coming soon and will show where I got to last year and now the nice weather is here (fingers crossed) I can crack on and finish this – I’m sure with a little help from Nathanael.

2. Lounge Decoration – This is progressing, in January we found the grey curtains that we wanted so now it is just the feature wall to do – which will take about 3 coats of paint, probably more following a base coat to check for stains – not looking forward to that.

3. Office transformation (Take 2) – this is where the biggest change has been, the downstairs office which I used dedicated for myself has now been turned into a family study space, which is a lot more family friendly, new post to come once this is completely finished, new desk is required plus Kiri wants to make it nicer, a gray feature wall etc. The spare room upstairs now accommodates my desk for when I work from home.

4. Pantry Decoration – The original plan for this has now sky rocketed. Kiri and I were discussing the pantry and updating the storage boxes in the pantry for uniformed boxes (we both have slight OCD and like things to be just so – and promptly paid out of the backside for ‘the correct’ storage containers). I apologise for my vulgar language. When this transformation was happening it was discussed that the dead space on the back of the door could be used for a spice rack – and that is what happened, the creation of a hidden over the door spice rack, If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this, it’s currently in testing to make sure it’s fit for purpose then just needs painting. A Jar stand is also in the works to Kiri’s bespoke requirements. Then the pantry all needs painting, which was the original requirement for 2017.

5. Patio Grouting and Cleaning – as we get into Spring this will come to the forefront of priorities… I will be asking to borrow a friends pressure washer for this — he knows who he is…

6. Organising the Garage – Part 2 – This has been put back to the end of the year as other projects in the house have taken president.

That’s the update on the current state of these jobs, I’ll update you later in the year with any further progress.



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