So to follow on from my other 2017 Reading List, DIY Projects, etc. Here are a few ‘design’ related techniques I would like to master this year, plus a few design projects that will inevitably be completed at some point.

Firstly, the design education part:

a) Double Exposure Graphics – I think these look really cool (not sure if the word ‘cool’ is actually cool anymore. I follow a few people, organisations, ‘big’ churches on the popular photo publishing social media site and I’d really like to master this, I’d like to do a blog post graphic occasionally that would have double exposure in it. It all comes back to – time – but I’m hoping to learn and practise this technique.

b) Split Image Graphics – These sort of graphics I have done to some degree in the past, but again I’d like to further develop this skill and take my post graphics ‘to a new level’ – a bit corny… maybe…

I always like a little challenge for myself and I feel these are achievable so I’ll let you know how it goes, probably via a blog post or something.

Projects for this year; Kiri has come to me and asked for a few adjustments to her website, and obviously, as her ‘Creative Director’ (self-given title) I need to get these done otherwise I may get moaned at as she had her blog first – so I’m reminded…

Also I’d like to update my website to be less ‘blog-like’ and more portfolio based as I try to capture more projects that I complete – but I’d better do Kiri’s jobs first… #husbandproblems.



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