Christmas Decoration Storage

Christmas Time; My favourite time of year… not. Its dark, cold, wet, windy and people bang on about Santa a lot. Yes I know I’m slightly grumpy there but I’ve been a grumpy 50 year old for about 15 years now!

Anyway December means Christmas Decorations, there is always the debate of when do you put the decorations up, the first Sunday of Advent? This can sometimes be the end of November (probably a little to early). Christmas Eve (probably a little pointless by this point). A good rule of thumb I like to work towards is the first or second week in December then you’ve got them up for long enough to enjoy them before you have to take them down… Another benchmark, are the neighbours; if they have theirs up its socially acceptable to put ours up too.

There are however many frustrating things about Christmas decorations that stores should warn you about. Things such as, after you buy these christmas lights, the bulbs will become discontinued and you will never be able to use them once more than 5 bulbs go. There is always a broken ornaments that will lead to an argument about who didn’t put them away in the attic carefully enough, or not getting them out of the attic carefully enough – not that this happens in our house, I’m always careful… err…

But anyway to get to a place where getting the decorations out of the attic and up in a reasonable time that doesn’t seem like an eternity, here are a few ways of storing/organising decorations when you put them away after Christmas.

1. Light holders – tree lights inevitably get tangled and twisted however nicely they are put away, its like the christmas fairy messes with them throughout the year to bring that extra bit of ‘joy’ when putting up the decorations. I use the light boxes to make a holder that keeps the lights all neat and tidy.

2. Tree Ornament Boxes – if you are buying ornaments, especially expensive ones, keep the box it came in for safe storage for the 11 months it not in use. We have a big box to keep all the tree decorations in where the individual boxes can be put.

3. Photo’s of where you put things in the house is always a good idea to remind you what goes where, that’s obviously if you put everything in the same place every year.

4. Keep this years Christmas cards so you have an idea of who to write christmas cards to next year. Not so much a storage solution but very handy with all the other craziness of Christmas.

5. Suit bag for wrapping paper and present bags – this is a great idea (that Kiri found somewhere so I can’t take the credit) but essentially use a cheap see through suit bag put the wrapping paper at the top end under where the hanger goes and when you’ve done fold it over so the suit bag is in half and hook it up in the attic, no more ripped paper or damaged boxes, works a treat.

I hope this list helps make your decorating day and the run up to Christmas go more smoothly.





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