How I Built a Baby Changing Table

Another DIY Project finished! Actually that’s a slight lie – sorry that I have deceived you.

Let me explain: When Kiri was pregnant with Nathanael, our first, we were in the process of moving house, which, those of you who have a house will know it’s not a cheap or stress free experience. We were also on the roller-coaster ride of becoming first time parents.

There are what seems like a mountain of gadgets and items to buy that your yet to be born baby will DEFINITELY need. As we were going around these shops, the ‘DIYer’ in me was looking at some of the furniture saying to myself “I could build something better than that!” So I brought this up with Kiri and drew up plans for the ‘Changing Table of All Changing Tables’.

I was so proud of my achievements (and so was Kiri – shocked I think she was) I was allowed to write a post about it on her blog; if you are interested you can read it on wonderfully random.

Pregnant with our second child, I have tightened the screws to make sure it is sturdy, given the table a clean and a fresh coat of paint.

Below is how I built the changing table back in 2013:

1. Measured the baby changing mat to make sure the table is built to the correct size.

2. Cut the wooden slats for the frame and table top. Legs (89cm), slats (79cm)

3. Fixed together the top and outer frame then with the spare wood cut more slats to make 2 additional shelves for underneath storage.

4. With everything cut it was fixed together to make sure it all fit before all the screw holes were filled and every edge was sanded for a smooth finish.

5. It was given a base coat to make sure that no sap would leak once painted and cover up all wood impurities. Another gentle sand before giving the table a top coat of white.





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