How I Built a Bay Window Desk

Another DIY project, this project was to make an office desk. A simple task, however I’m an awkward person who wants things ‘in their own place’ … the majority of the time anyway – I do have a toddler.

My home office is a small room, however it does have a bay window. Since moving into our current house at the end of 2013, I have had the furniture in the room, 1 or 2 different ways, OK, maybe 3 or 4 different ways. I had the same desk in our old house for when I was working from home and it fitted the space perfectly (I had measured and everything), however with the new house came new room sizes.

So I decided that I would maximise the space in the room and customise the desk into my bay window. Some bloggers on the web call it an ‘IKEA-hack’ as I bought the desk from IKEA.


This is the original desk – apologies for the photo, it’s no longer sold by IKEA.

After some sawing, some filler and using a vast array of screws this is what I came up with to use the space in the bay window. I also made a monitor table to sit on top of the window ledge.

I opted to keep the desk black and used spray paint to cover it, needless to say I won’t be becoming a cool creative ‘Graffiti Artist’ anytime soon.




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