How I Built a Bathroom Mirror Cupboard

The Bathroom Mirror, you know the one. The one that you can’t use when you get out of the shower as it’s steamed up and takes an age to de-mist. The mirror that has numerous finger prints on it, some of which probably aren’t even your own and the mirror that when you clean it, looks dirtier than before you cleaned it.

Our bathroom mirror is a square ‘flowery edged’ one (my wife choice – obviously) and has served us well for the sole purpose of looking in to. Not anymore! Kiri was having a reshuffle in the bathroom and discussed the possibility of a bathroom mirror cupboard, and by “discuss the possibility” she means – we need to get oneā€¦

But, there was a problem. Kiri really likes this mirror and proceeded to tell me this fact; this left me with a conundrum. However as my mantra with so many of these ‘problems’ that appear in marriage and owning a house, I declared; I CAN MAKE ONE USING THAT MIRROR AS THE DOOR!

After this declaration, I sat on it for a few weeks, i.e. I forgot, until Kiri ‘gently’ reminded me of my commitment to this DIY extravaganza.

This was the original mirror in our bathroom.


I got my trusty tape measure out and set about drawing up designs and concepts (probably a bit much) to how this cupboard would look. I brought the designs to the committee for sign off (Kiri) and got to work.

This is what I came up with.


I hope that this cupboard cost less than would cost to just buy one, probably not, however there is deep satisfaction knowing that I have made something that no one else has, to the specifications that Kiri would want. I say this cupboard is just for Kiri, but there is plenty of stuff stored in there that’s mine.

N.B. Taking photos of the mirror before and after, trying not to be in the reflection was quite a challenge.





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