Hi I’m Luke,

I am a 30-year-old father of 2 (many wrinkles appearing), I enjoy DIY (endless amounts of screw drivers), music (4 guitars) and media (graphic and web design). Welcome and thank you for joining me at DIY. DAD STUFF. DESIGN.

In all honesty, I’m basically jumping on the band wagon, thinking that I’m missing out on the blogging front. My wife has been blogging for a several years now so Spring 2015 I decided that I would give it a go (how hard could it be to write interesting posts) and I felt that it would be good to document my projects and share them with you.

So thank you for dropping by and please read, subscribe and all the other stuff you’re meant to do on Kiri’s blog wonderfullyrandom.com (plug) as it will be far more interesting than mine, but I appreciate your company.

I will post here the first Wednesday of the month at 8am (UK Time) if you fancy a read with your breakfast.

Take care