At the end of 2016, I drew up a DIY To Do List for 2017, than February hit and these plans slightly changed, so I thought I’d update you on the progress made so far and where the changes to the list have been made.

1. Finish the front garden – this is still in hand (an update post on this is coming soon and will show where I got to last year and now the nice weather is here (fingers crossed) I can crack on and finish this – I’m sure with a little help from Nathanael.

2. Lounge Decoration – This is progressing, in January we found the grey curtains that we wanted so now it is just the feature wall to do – which will take about 3 coats of paint, probably more following a base coat to check for stains – not looking forward to that.

3. Office transformation (Take 2) – this is where the biggest change has been, the downstairs office which I used dedicated for myself has now been turned into a family study space, which is a lot more family friendly, new post to come once this is completely finished, new desk is required plus Kiri wants to make it nicer, a gray feature wall etc. The spare room upstairs now accommodates my desk for when I work from home.

4. Pantry Decoration – The original plan for this has now sky rocketed. Kiri and I were discussing the pantry and updating the storage boxes in the pantry for uniformed boxes (we both have slight OCD and like things to be just so – and promptly paid out of the backside for ‘the correct’ storage containers). I apologise for my vulgar language. When this transformation was happening it was discussed that the dead space on the back of the door could be used for a spice rack – and that is what happened, the creation of a hidden over the door spice rack, If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this, it’s currently in testing to make sure it’s fit for purpose then just needs painting. A Jar stand is also in the works to Kiri’s bespoke requirements. Then the pantry all needs painting, which was the original requirement for 2017.

5. Patio Grouting and Cleaning – as we get into Spring this will come to the forefront of priorities… I will be asking to borrow a friends pressure washer for this — he knows who he is…

6. Organising the Garage – Part 2 – This has been put back to the end of the year as other projects in the house have taken president.

That’s the update on the current state of these jobs, I’ll update you later in the year with any further progress.



When starting a family, there are so many things to take in. The impending responsibility; getting through the milestones of pregnancy (12 week scan, 20 week scan, etc); making the necessary changes to the house to prepare for baby; and so on – the list is probably endless.

Regarding items, or products that retailers try to sell you for your baby that will “help” with this or save time here. Half of them are completely ridiculous, but what they don’t tell you is that they will take an age to put together, the instructions will be non-existent and you are more likely to break it when trying to fix the pieces together then you are to actually find the item useful when baby arrives.

The other thing that retailers don’t tell you is that if you already have a child, this item is just going to be too ‘interesting’ for them not to touch, mess with, or break so if you are planning on a larger family, i.e. more than one child – don’t buy it – however that’s probably doesn’t make commercial sense for them to do that. But never fear! Luke is here is to give you all the low down of items that are not compatible with toddlers, however great they will be for your baby.

a) Basically anything that has buttons – We had a few items that we had with Nathanael that we wanted to use again, one of these things was a battery powered swing where you could pop the little one in and gently rock them to calm them down or get them to sleep etc. It had different music as well but the tunes were awful, however the buttons are just too damn irresistible for a toddler to press and then start dancing around to the tunes. The other problem with this item is that the swing element can be ‘overridden’ if you manual push the swing, and the word gentle is not in a toddlers vocabulary and side to side our new baby rocks vigorously – needless to say that item has been removed from the lounge.

b) Child seats – we have a chair for our new baby that they can sit in once they can hold their head up, it apparently is a useful item until 12-18 months; however a toddler can probably still fit in it and eventually gets stuck meaning that they will need rescuing right at a moment when your baby is having an off minute/hour/day.

c) Baby Play Mats – similar to point 1 with the buttons but as you are there with your baby trying to get them to lift their head and encouraging them all the way, a toddler sees this as a perfect opportunity to do the same and then wonders why you are not as enthusiastic towards them as they lay in it raging at the little toys dangling from the activity bar.

However all this being said, with regards to my boys, Nathanael and Judah, Nathanael has been the most helpful big brother Kiri and I could ever ask for. He basically wants Judah to be a year old so he can play with him which is lovely to see, he helps with nappy changes and getting muslins.

Parenthood is a minefield of do’s and don’ts and may work and may not work with no real clear cut way to dealing with what I call – Emotion Management… Parents of young child will understand, not to alienate the rest of you.




How life has changed, I went to return something that I bought from a popular DIY and Trade Supplies store, store name speaks of ‘Fixing Screws’. Anyway, I was there at the ordering point and said to the lady that I would like to return this item, she looks at the item and asked the question: Have you got the receipt? I opened my wallet and looked and yes there was a receipt, I handed it over and then noticed that it was a different receipt and I realised how my life has changed.

Pre-marriage, pre-house, pre-kids my receipts in my wallet would be for personal items; clothes, CDs, etc. now I’m buying, miscellaneous tools and materials for another DIY project in the house.

I do own a lot of tools, I think my Mum and Dad bought me a tool box for Christmas, circa. age 11, for when I moved out – think they were trying to tell me something. But there are tools that I don’t own, which I would like to have in my repertoire for future DIY Projects.

Mitre Saw – An electric Mitre Saw would allow for extremely precise and straight cutting of wood for when I’m building things – there is a long-term challenge that Kiri has set and I feel that this will be very helpful indeed if I had one of these.

Electric Plainer – I have a hand plainer at the moment but it’s not the best, normally slight adjustments mean I have to take a little saw to it (with very little margin for error)

Electric Drill Stand – I’ve got quite a straight and firm hold for sawing and drilling but a stand for the drill would make drilling numerous holes a lot quicker.

These items would make life a lot easier when undertaking a DIY extravaganza – I will have to start saving up my pennies.



As a Christian, Salvation through Jesus Christ is a pretty important deal. Jesus came and lived a perfect life and died a sacrificial death. However, becoming a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus, there much more to Salvation, than just Salvation itself.

Below are 5 benefits of Salvation through a relationship with Jesus.

1) Redemption and Adoption – Jesus is the physical and visible image of the invisible God, it is in Jesus that we have forgiveness from our sin (Colossians 1:13-14, Psalm 85:2). We have freedom from our sin, not that we are free (full stop) as that for me implies that we can make it up as we go along. Being forgiven from our sin is an expensive adoption process where we become children of God (Romans 8:14) under His care and leadership.

2) Guidance and Direction – Following being rescued, Jesus gives us direction and guides us, (Psalm 32:8, Proverbs 3:5-6). He leads by example, for us to follow and gives us all we need for this adoption process (Philippians 4:9, John 14:6). Jesus, living a life here on earth, having been through the same problems and ‘life-struggles’ as the rest of us, He gives us grace knowing that we will mess up along our journey (Hebrews 4:16).

3) Strength and Courage – Being saved by grace gives us the strength to carry on, we are not alone (Isiah 40:31), hoping and trusting in God is how we continue forward and not get sidetracked (Psalm 112:7). The power of the spirit living in us (our relationship with Jesus) means we have the power and self-discipline to journey on with the task that we have been given (2 Timothy 1:7, Hebrews 9:14). When we are adopted, we are part of a family. again I feel that adoption is the better word to use than freedom, when you are part of a family you have a role to play in making that family work – this is the task that Jesus has given us as Christians.

4) Peace and Rest – Salvation gives Christians peace in the knowledge that Jesus is with us every step of the way (John 14:27, Matthew 11:28). He can be a place of rest and refuge for us when we are going through hard times (Nahum 1:7) and protects us when we need help and spiritual healing (2 Corinthians 1:3-5, Psalm 103:1-5, Proverbs 18:10).

5) Inheritance and Heaven – In Jesus Christ we have victory, there is nothing that can separate us from His love (Romans 8:37-39), as ‘adopted’ children we have an inheritance in Heaven when our adoption process is complete and our journey with Jesus on earth is done (John 14:2-3, Revelation 21). However, while we are still on earth – i.e. not in Heaven; there is still a lot to do as part of the family.

Salvation does not mean ‘life fixed’ but it does guarantee that you are not alone in your situations, you are not alone as you navigate life. Jesus has invited us to be a part of his plans and live under the shadow of Salvation, we just need to accept and follow.

These are some thoughts I’ve had through my recent Bible study and I thought I would share them with you.




So to follow on from my other 2017 Reading List, DIY Projects, etc. Here are a few ‘design’ related techniques I would like to master this year, plus a few design projects that will inevitably be completed at some point.

Firstly, the design education part:

a) Double Exposure Graphics – I think these look really cool (not sure if the word ‘cool’ is actually cool anymore. I follow a few people, organisations, ‘big’ churches on the popular photo publishing social media site and I’d really like to master this, I’d like to do a blog post graphic occasionally that would have double exposure in it. It all comes back to – time – but I’m hoping to learn and practise this technique.

b) Split Image Graphics – These sort of graphics I have done to some degree in the past, but again I’d like to further develop this skill and take my post graphics ‘to a new level’ – a bit corny… maybe…

I always like a little challenge for myself and I feel these are achievable so I’ll let you know how it goes, probably via a blog post or something.

Projects for this year; Kiri has come to me and asked for a few adjustments to her website, and obviously, as her ‘Creative Director’ (self-given title) I need to get these done otherwise I may get moaned at as she had her blog first – so I’m reminded…

Also I’d like to update my website to be less ‘blog-like’ and more portfolio based as I try to capture more projects that I complete – but I’d better do Kiri’s jobs first… #husbandproblems.




2016 is done and dusted – my word where has the year gone. I’m looking forward into 2017 and look at everything that needs to be done. This post is part of a mini series (probably a bit much) where I plan out goals and things I’d like to get done this year. You can also see my list of DIY projects for 2017.

This list is for books I’d like to read this year. I think I’ve said before that I’m not an avid reader – if you want an avid reader blog, head to Kiri reads lots of books – VERY QUICKLY – It puts me off reading books as she’s so quick (poor excuse I know) I remember one time when we were dating or newly married that there was a book that we were going to read together – separately, but together… not like some weird couples story time… that would be odd. Anyway Kiri was always waiting for me to catch up as I’m a slow reader. Kiri on the other hand can consume a book in an evening… what’s worse now is that books are purchases on our tablet and they have statistics that go with your reading for things such as; What percentage of book you’ve read, what the average speed to read the book is, etc. Kiri is always way ahead of the ‘average’ (show off) and it pains me to think how far behind the ‘average’ I would be.

Anyway I challenge myself every year to read 2-3 books in that year. Sometimes I complete this momentous task, others years, not so much. 2016 has been a year of, not so much. Maybe due to having another baby and the prep for that and a number of DIY projects on the go. Oh and a toddler who thinks I’m some sort of Jester, I occasionally name myself ‘Jester Daddy’ as “Daddy do it” is said probably 1,000 times a day.

Anyway my challenge of 3 books for this year is:

1. Multiply – Francis Chan (I actually started this book last year but haven’t finished it yet)

2. Easily Distracted – Steve Coogan (Kiri bought me this for my birthday and I still haven’t started it)

3. Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes – Kenneth E Bailey (One of Kiri’s favourite books on the cultural significance of the time Jesus lived in)

That’s my list; lets check back in a years time and see if I achieve this…